Publication Principles

The abstracts should contain at least 100 and 150 words in Turkish abstract, 3-5 key words in Turkish, Turkish title and optional English title, abstract and keywords.
The papers should be added to the system by the author and prepared in accordance with the following values:

Paper Size: A4 Vertical
Top Margin: 3 cm
Bottom Margin: 3 cm
Left Margin: 3 cm
Right Margin: 3 cm
Type Font: Times New Roman
Type Size: Title 12, Abstract and Text 11 and Footnotes 9 font size
Paragraph Spacing: 6 pt. 
Line Spacing: Text 1.15, Footnotes 1 pt.

The references of the papers to be presented in the symposium should be based on Sobiad publication principles.


April 4-6, 2019


Article 1. The 3rd International Symposium and Exhibition on Art and Aesthetic that will be held on April 4-6, 2019 welcomes participations within the scope of all art disciplines.

Article 2. Each artist can apply with a maximum of 2 works that have not been exhibited before and have not received any awards.

Article 3. All kinds of techniques and materials are free to use.

Article 4. Applications will be made online. The work which is on symposium web page will be sent with its visual to the application address “automation” on until 15.03.2019.

Article 5. The name, contact address of the artist and the identity disc of the work should be written on the back of each work.

Article 6. The image of the work should be in JPEG format at 500 dpi and its long edge must not pass 100 cm.

Article 7. Participation fee of the Exhibition is 200 TL. Participation fee for two works is 150 TL. Participants should pay their participation fees to the specified account number by the deadline.

Article 8. The works should be sent ready to be exhibited on the easel.

Article 9. Gaziantep University, the regularity board and the curator is not responsible for any damages or loss that may occur by cargo from domestic and abroad, and also for the damages and negativities that may occur even though the necessary precautions were taken during transportation and exhibition after the delivery of the works.

Article 10. The submission and return costs of accepted works are the responsibility of the artist.

Article 11. Each participating artist will be given a certificate of participation and an e-catalogue will be prepared.

Article 12. The works will be returned within two (2) weeks after the closing date of the symposium.

Address to be sent to: Gaziantep University…